Significant Events in the History of the Dey Patents Compnay



February 3, 1888

Dr. Alexander Dey (A. Dey), residing at 48 Nithsdale Drive, Pollokshields, County of Renfrew, North Britain and employed as H. M. Inspector of Schools, applies for Great Britain patent for a Workman's Time Recorder.

November 30, 1888

Great Britain Patent No. 1,614 issued to A. Dey.

May 3, 1889

A. Dey, residing in Glasgow, County of Lanark, Scotland, applies for a United States patent for a Workman's Time Recorder. This patent is essentially a copy of the G. B. patent. Curiously, no patent model is submitted.

September 24, 1889

United States Patent No. 411,586 issued to A. Dey. This sole patent number appears on all Dey Patents Co. (DPC) clocks.


"Manufacturing of registers started" according to March 3, 1903 Syracuse Journal article. I can only assume that the DPC was also created at this time. Manufacturing took place on the sixth floor of the Dey Bros. & Co. dry goods building at Jefferson and Salina Streets in Syracuse, NY. John Dey, Alexander's younger brother, ran all operations while Alexander stayed in Scotland.

November 14, 1896

Manufacturing continues at the Dey Bros. & Co. building with John Dey as President and Alexander W. Brown as Secretary. All DPC stock is owned by John, A. Dey, and others associated with Dey Bros. & Co. Dey Time Registers are available in four different models recording 50, 100, 150, and 200 employees up to six times daily.

June 6, 1899

400 Dey Time Registers recently shipped to Russia while other registers have been shipped to Germany, Liverpool, and Glasgow. Between sixty and seventy five "mechanics" are employed by the DPC.

June 24, 1899

DPC manufacturing now located at Nos. 303 to 309 North State Street at the True Industrial Building in Syracuse. This 20,000 square foot factory includes a wood working and cabinet department, a bronzing and enameling department, a nickel plating department, a machine shop, a tool and pattern shop, an assembly room, and a packaging room. Nearly 3,000 Dey Time Registers are in use throughout the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and other countries.


First mention of the Dey Time Register Company. Registers are now offered in daily and weekly models and as well as automatic models. The company must have changed names between June 24, 1899 and December 31, 1901.

March 7, 1903

Manufacturing continues at the True Industrial Building. Dey Time Registers are available in weekly models and now record up to twelve registrations per employee per day.

May 31, 1903

Announcement in Syracuse Post Standard that the Dey Time Register Co. will build a new five story factory at South West and Tully streets in Syracuse. One hundred men are employed at the factory. Year To Date business has increased by 260% as compared to 1902.

Between July 14, 1903 and September 30, 1904

Alexander Dey moves from Glasgow, Scotland to Syracuse, NY.

September 30, 1904

First meeting of the Dey Time Register Company takes place at the new plant located at 433 South West Street. The company was officially incorporated on this date with John, Alexander, and Robert Dey as shareholders. The previous Dey Patents Co. is referred to as a "copartnership" between John and Alexander Dey.